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Telephone: (028) 9075 6436


34/35 North Park, North Road,
Finglas, Dublin 11, Ireland
Telephone: (01) 860 1860

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Bega Lighting is renowned as one of the finest designers and manufacturers of outdoor luminaires in the world. View our range of Bega Lighting.
Bega Lighting
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Bega Lighting

Bega Lighting Catalogue

Download the Bega Lighting 2017 Catalogue

BEGA is a world leading specialist in outdoor luminaires – for use around domestic homes and gardens as well as public street lighting, sports facilities and underwater operation – among many other lighting tasks.


Their continuous innovation in the design and manufacture of the highest quality luminaires is unrivalled throughout the world, and inspires light planners, architects and designers with new ground breaking ideas for light design.


Contact ECI Lighting today for more information on Bega Lighting.

Home & Garden Lighting

“Light for the House and Garden” includes a selection of luminaires from the Bega range which are ideal for the illumination of private outdoor spaces.

Bega Project Lighting

For decades the Bega lighting brand has worked with architects and engineers to provide world class luminaires for both public & private construction projects.

New 2017 Studioline Range

Newly launched in 2017 the Studioline luminaire range from Bega combines the best in high grade LED technology with exquisite fine metal craftmanship.

Discover the Bega Boom Outdoor Lighting Range

BEGA is a specialist in outdoor luminaires – for use around houses, in gardens, streets, sports facilities, for underwater operation – and many other lighting tasks.

Their programme of high-quality luminaires is unrivalled in the world, and inspires light planners with ideas for light design.

Contact ECI Lighting today for more information or click on the link below.

The Glashutte Limburg Range from Bega Lighting

As part of the BEGA & BOOM lighting group, Glashutte Limburg is synonymous with design quality and manufacturing excellence, creating some of the most stunning architectural glass lighting available in the world today.
The Glashutte range of over 2000 models are not only beautifully designed but also built to last, making them the discerning choice for architects and interior designers. In an era of declining product quality Glashutte Limburg stands head and shoulders above any other glass lighting manufacturer in the world, consistently setting new standards for others to follow.

Contact ECI Lighting today for more information or click on the link below.

Bega Lighting - Plug and Play Control Technology

NEW Plug & Play Technology from Bega Lighting

BEGA Plug & Play is a flexible and portable LED light system for private gardens. Everything is possible: from easy switching on and off to user-friendly control of the luminaires with your smartphone and tablet PC.


With BEGA Plug & Play, illuminating your garden is really easy: There is no elaborate groundwork for laying electrical cables, and BEGA Plug & Play can be changed and extended quickly and easily at any time.


Learn more about Bega Plug & Play

Bega Wall Washers, Light Building Elements & Bollards in the New Grangegorman DIT Campus

Bega wall washers fit seamlessly into the historic surroundings
Bega Light Building Elements illuminate the pathways
Bega mini bollards illumate the walkways of DIT Grangegorman

Call us at 00353 1860 1860 or Email: for more information on Bega Lighting