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3 Duncrue Industrial Park,
Duncrue Road,
Belfast BT3 9BP
Telephone: (028) 9075 6436


34/35 North Park, North Road,
Finglas, Dublin 11, Ireland
Telephone: (01) 860 1860

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ECI Lighting | Belid Lighting
Belid Lighting are a Swedish company that specialises in manufacturing beautiful contemporary, modern lighting for homes, hotels, restaurants & offices.
belid lighting
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Belid Lighting 2015-2016 Catalogue

Download the Belid Lighting 2015 – 2016 Catalogue

Belid are a Swedish lighting company that specialises in manufacturing beautiful contemporary, modern lighting for homes, hotels, restaurants and offices. Product development is very important to the company, especially considering future demands on low energy products.


Belid are one of the few lighting companies that produce all their lighting in house from the conceptual stage to the design of the lighting product and right through to the finished product. They manufacture everything at their 18,000sqm in Varberg, Sweden and have the capability to produce custom lighting products for their clients.


By maintaining a strong in house research, design and development presence it allows Belid develop unique, modern lighting products that meet their customers needs as well as staying on top of current lighting trends. They constantly challenge themselves to exceed their costumers highest expectations and ensure the quality which the Belid brand stands for.


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