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3 Duncrue Industrial Park,
Duncrue Road,
Belfast BT3 9BP
Telephone: (028) 9075 6436


34/35 North Park, North Road,
Finglas, Dublin 11, Ireland
Telephone: (01) 860 1860

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ECI Lighting | Concord Lighting
Concord Lighting is one of Europe's most respected manufacturers of commercial and architectural luminaires with a strong design ethos.
concord lighting
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Concord Architectural Lighting Catalogue

Download the 2017 Concord Architectural Lighting Catalogue

Concord is one of Europe’s most respected commercial and architectural lighting companies, Concord: marlin is renowned for having a strong design ethos, with high technical performance and aesthetic form contributing to a contemporary range of lighting that is one of the most comprehensive in the market.


Call or Email ECI Lighting for more information on Concord Lighting.

Beacon Concord Muse – with 10 to 65 Degree Adjustable Lens

The Beacon Muse LED is a multi award winning track spot range which includes a fully adjustable lens to create an exceptionally flexible fitting for a variety of applications. The lens is adjustable from a 10 degree spotlight to a 65 degree floodlight without the need for an additional lens or reflector, making the Beacon Muse an indispensable tool for designers.

The versatility of the Beacon Muse range makes it an ideal choice of lighting for museums and galleries that require different luminaire effects to draw attention to great works of art.

Concord Exterior Lighting

The Concord Exterior Lighting catalogue details a comprehensive range of beautifully designed architectural luminaires for public & private outdoor spaces.

Concord Museum Lighting

Lighting plays a vital role in the guiding the visitor through our museums and galleries, creating the required mood or drawing the eye to stunning works of art.

Organic Response Technology

Organic response is an advanced lighting control system which can save up to an additional 68% on the cost of illuminating large commercial or office buildings.

Call us at 00353 1860 1860 or Email: for more information on Concord Lighting