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Finglas, Dublin 11, Ireland
Telephone: (01) 860 1860

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ECI Lighting | Lucente Lighting
Lucente Lighting creates a range of stunning centerpiece luminaires as well as semi-decorative fittings for hotels, office blocks and retail stores.
Lucente lighting
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Download the Lucente Lighting Catalogue

Lucente is a combination of elegance, organic shapes and functionality, a project springing from the conviction that well-designed objects can improve the quality of life thanks to their functional aesthetic appearance. The light is able to change atmospheres and moods.


Call or Email ECI Lighting for more information on Lucente Lighting.

Lucente Talete Pendant

Talete Pendant

Lucente Eight 1000 Surface Fitting

Eight 1000

Lucente Hand Made Pendant or Floor Lamp

Hand Made

Lucente Mai Pendant Light

Mai Pendant

Verso Wall Lighting

Verso Wall Light

Semjase Floor Lamp

Semjase Floor Lamp

Mariu Table Lamp

Mariu Table Lamp

Mariu Surface Fitting

Mariu Ceiling

Libera Pendant Fitting

Libera Pendant

Egida from Lucente Lighting

Egida Pendant

Amak Wall Light

Amak Wall Light

Kalypso Designer Pendants form Lucente


Download the Lucente Contract Collection Catalogue

Download the Lucente Contract Catalogue

The Lucente Contract Collection includes the more functional semi-decorative fittings and ranges for the project lighting market, such as commercial fittings for hotels, office blocks and retail premises.


The range covers every aspect of project lighting requirements from corridor, stairwell and bathroom lighting as well as some of the more decorative offerings available from the Italian manufacturer.

Lucente Antilla

Antilla Pendant

Ginger Wall Light

Ginger Wall Light

Ginger Floor and Table Lamp

Ginger Floor/Table

Ginger Floor Arc

Ginger Floor Arc

Big Pendant

Ai Pi Wall Light

Funny Pendant

Anke Pendant

Mizar Catalogue

Download the Mizar Catalogue

As part of the Lucente Lighting Group, Mizar has been at the forefront of innovation in the design and manufacture of modular lighting solutions since 1994.


In 2001 Mizar collaborated with the architect Tobia Scarpa to create a collection of products dedicated to the illumination of art galleries and museums.


As a result, Mizar is now the provider of choice for the illumination of some of the best known museums and monuments in the world: from the Great Galleries of the Venice Academy to the prestigious halls of the
National Library in Prague.

Mizar Hidden 17 Recessed Profiles

Mizar Hidden 17 Recessed Profiles

Mizar Hidden 151 Track Spots

Mizar Hidden 151 Track Spots

Mizar Tubes Suspended

Mizar Tubes Surface

Mizar QSO with Polarizing Prism

Mizar Ether with Polarizing Prism

Mizar Ether with Polarizing Prism

Mizar Ether with Polarizing Prism

Call us at 00353 1860 1860 or Email: for more information on Lucente Lighting