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ECI Lighting | Regent Lighting
Regent Lighting are a Swiss company that offers a range of award winning interior & exterior lighting fixtures including the Lightpad and Purelite.
regent lighting
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Regent are a Swiss company that offers a comprehensive yet innovative range of interior and exterior lighting fixtures that are trend setting in design, functionality and creativity.

Using cutting edge technology with aesthetically appealing results, Regent have consistently offered a collection of the highest quality, and take pride in achieving their goal of creating a pleasing environment for users of their products.


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Regent Purelite - ECI Lighting

Regent Purelite

Purelite takes advantage of the fact that the LED is flat. The channel lighting system features a total height of just 35 mm. So installation can basically be left to the last minute. Even the semi-recessed version can be integrated into any concrete ceiling at any time. Besides offering a high degree of flexibility right up to completion of the project, Purelite guarantees an ultra-flat, uninterrupted, shadow-free line of light and is suitable for application in office environments.

  Watch the Regent Purelight Video

Regent Lightpad - ECI Lighting

Regent Lightpad

Lightpad is a free-standing luminaire designed to respond to your individual requirements at the workplace. It features a choice of luminaire heads with different luminous intensity distributions to guarantee uniform lighting for a wide range of desk configurations. Lightpad delivers asymmetric / double asymmetric light distribution and meets the requirements laid down in the standards for uniform lighting provided by freestanding luminaires. Multiple luminaire heads can be mounted on one stand. Base plates are available in different designs. In short: we think in terms of desks, not in illuminance levels.

  Watch the Regent Purelight Video

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