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ECI Lighting | Prelux Cosmo LED Track Spots
The Prelux Cosmo LED track spot range uses COB LEDs to provide excellent colour rendering, making it an ideal commercial lighting fixture for shops, galleries & museums.
prelux cosmo, led track spots
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Cosmo LED Track Spotlights

CE, RoHS Approved

COB LED Downlight

3000K / 4000K Models

Adjustable Lighting Direction

Rotates 180 Degree Vertically

360 Degrees Horizontally

IP20 Protection Rating

Suitable for Indoor Applications

40,000 Hour Lifetime

Prelux Cosmo LED Adjustable Track Spotlights

The Prelux Cosmo track spot range utilises the power of COB LEDs to provide excellent colour rendering. With excellent heat dissipation, an even light output and adjustable lighting orientation the Prelux Cosmo LED track spot is an ideal commercial lighting fixture for retail shops, department stores, galleries and museums as well as domestic homes.
  • Prelux Cosmo 3000K Track Spots

    • PXCOSB3 30W Black 2100Lm > Data Sheet
    • PXCOSW3 30W White 2100Lm > Data Sheet

  • Prelux Cosmo 4000K Track Spots

    • PXCOSB4 30W Black 2250Lm > Data Sheet
    • PXCOSW4 30W White 2250Lm > Data Sheet