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ECI Lighting | Prelux Othello IP54 LED Surface/Emergency Fitting
The super-slim IP54 Prelux Othello LED surface/emergency fitting is available in 12W, 18W and 30W as well as 3000K and 4000K.
prelux othello, LED surface, emergency fitting
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Othello LED Surface Fitting

Prelux Othello Emergency / Dimmable / Microwave Surface Fitting
CE, RoHS, SAA, TUV Approved

3 Year Warranty

40,000 Hour Lifetime

Emergency Models Available

3000K or 4000K

12W & 18W Emergency

IP54 Protection Rating

Waterproof & Super Slim

Suitable for Damp Areas

Prelux Othello LED Surface Fitting

*** Dimmable and Microwave Models Now Available ***

The Prelux Othello LED surface fitting comes in 12W, 18W and 30w standard models with 12W and 18W Emergency versions also available. Between 40mm  and 51mm in thickness, this super slim LED fitting is not just functional, it’s also extremely sleek and stylish.


With an IP54 waterproof protection rating the Prelux Othello is also ideal for damp and inhospitable areas such as underground car parks as well as for commercial indoor applications such as hotels, office blocks and stairwells.


12W / 18W / 30W


12W / 18W


12W / 18W / 30W


12W / 18W

Beautifully Designed and Functional Surface Fitting

Super Slim – from only 40mm-51mm in thickness

IP54 Waterproof – Ideal for Damp Environments

  • Othello 12W Microwave Model

    • PXOTH123DS 3000K 1140Lm > Download Data Sheet
    • PXOTH124DS 4000K 1260Lm > Download Data Sheet

  • Othello 12W Dimmable Model

    • PXOTH123D 3000K 1115Lm > Download Data Sheet
    • PXOTH124D 4000K 1225Lm > Download Data Sheet

  • Othello 18W Microwave Model

    • PXOTH183DS 3000K 1710Lm > Download Data Sheet
    • PXOTH184DS 4000K 1890Lm > Download Data Sheet

  • Othello 18W Dimmable Model

    • PXOTH183D 3000K 1675Lm > Download Data Sheet
    • PXOTH184D 4000K 1835lm > Download Data Sheet

  • Othello 12W Standard Model

    • PXOTH12 3000K 996Lm > Download Data Sheet
    • PXOTH12K4 4000K 1056Lm > Download Data Sheet

  • Othello 30W Dimmable Model

    • PXOTH303D 3000K 2700Lm > Download Data Sheet
    • PXOTH304D 4000K 2970Lm > Download Data Sheet

  • Othello 18W Standard Model

    • PXOTH18 3000K 1530Lm > Download Data Sheet
    • PXOTH18K4 4000K 1620Lm > Download Data Sheet

  • Othello 12W Emergency Model

    • PXOTH12E 3000K Emergency > Download Data Sheet
    • PXOTH12EK4 4000K Emergency > Download Data Sheet

  • Othello 30W Standard Model

    • PXOTH30 3000K 2220Lm > Download Data Sheet
    • PXOTH30K4 4000K 2310Lm > Download Data Sheet

  • Othello 18W Emergency Model

    • PXOTH18E 3000K Emergency > Download Data Sheet
    • PXOTH18EK4 4000K Emergency > Download Data Sheet