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ECI Lighting | Fumagalli Lighting
Fumagalli Lighting is a worldwide market leader in the design and manufacture of resin material outdoor lighting for public spaces and private homes.
fumagalli lighting
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Fumagalli Lighting

Fumagalli 2018 Catalogue - ECI Lighting

Download the Fumagalli Lighting Catalogue

Fumagalli is a worldwide leading company in the manufacture of resin material outdoor lighting. The uniquely designed range of composite material poles and fixtures is typically found in gardens, parks, hotel & leisure facilities, and public areas of all descriptions.
The materials and production system used offers many advantages over other comparable ranges, and all products carry a lifetime anti-corrosion guarantee.


Call or Email ECI Lighting for more information on Fumagalli Lighting.

New 2017 Fumagalli Lighting Products

Fumagalli Giuseppe Outdoor Floodlight

Giuseppe Flood Light

The new Giuseppe Flood Light is manufactured using shock-proof resin which is rust and corrosion free. With an IP66 protection rating the Giuseppe is well shielded from the elements.

Marta 160 1L/2L

Building on the popular Marta 90 Series, the larger 160 range is now available in Black or White, 1 or 2 Light versions. The Marta 160 comes with IP55 protection rating and Class II double insulation.

Germana Flood Light

With no visible screws the IP66 Germana is a tough, shockproof and corrosion-free flood light which is suitable for wall, post or ground installation. Germana is also available with motion sensor.

Popular Fumagalli Product Ranges

Anna Lantern from Fumagalli Lighting

Anna Lantern

Anna is one of a series of lanterns from Fumagalli that provides incredible flexibility in terms of their installation. Capable of being wall mounted on a bracket, installed on a post with one or more heads, or suspended on a chain the Anna lantern range is as flexible as it is elegant.

Marta 90 1L or 2L

Marta 90 1L / 2L

Available in single or double light models the Marta comes in either a black or white weatherproof resin outer body. Marta is supplied with TUV approved GU10 LED lamp(s) for a long life.

Francy / Francy Op

Francy is highly flexible and functional while also very attractive, making it an excellent choice of fitting for outdoor spaces and entances etc. Francy is also available in an Open faced (Op) model.

Iesse Half Lantern

The eternally popular classic design of the IP55 Iesse makes it an immensely popular choice of light fitting for a wide variety of outdoor spaces. Available in black or white, E27 or LED models.

Sauro Bollards

The Sauro bollard is available in 500mm, 800mm and 1100mm and comes in both E27 or energy saving LED, with a range of attractive finishes and Fumagalli’s tough corrosion-proof resin body.

Mini Tommy Garden Flood

Mini Tommy

With the ability to transform garden spaces by highlighting foliage or illuminating walkways and patios at night, this flexible IP66 LED spotlight is available as a ground spike or wall fitting.

Ceci 90/120/160

The inground Ceci range comes in different sizes including 90, 120 or 160mm and is also available as a one, two or three light fitting to create different moods in driveways and paths.

Danzi Bulkheads

A superb choice for illuminating outdoor spaces at night, the oval Danzi is not just functional it is also attractive. With an IP66 protection rating the Danzi is also available with an eyelid.

Gelmi Circular

With an IP66 corrosion free resin body Gelmi bulkhead is protected against the harsh outdoor elements for many years to come. Also available with eyelid, Gelmi is flexible & functional.

Fumagalli Lighting Classic Posts

Fumagalli also supplies a huge range of classically designed posts that complement their range of lanterns. These posts adorn not only the gardens and outdoor spaces of domestic homes but are also visible in streets and parklands across the world.


The view a sample of the range of corrosion free resin material posts available click the link below.

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