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Finglas, Dublin 11, Ireland
Telephone: (01) 860 1860

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ECI Lighting | Sylvania Lighting
Sylvania Lighting is one of the world's largest producers of LED lamps, T5, T8, T9, Lynx Q fluorescent tubes and speciality lamps.
sylvania lighting
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Sylvania Lamps

2017 ECI Lighting Lamps Catalogue - Including the Megaman Range

Download the ECI Lighting Sylvania Lamp Catalogue

Sylvania is one of the world’s largest producers of light sources and manufactures a wide range of lamps; LED, incandescent, halogen, low-energy, fluorescent and a comprehensive range of HID lamp and other specialist lighting products for architectural, industrial, commercial, residential and outdoor applications.


The lamp range is one of the largest and most complete in the industry, and as a full-time lighting supplier, the SLI Group of companies can draw on their strengths in both lamps and fixtures (Concord:marlin, Lumiance & Linolite) to match the two for the best results for their customers.


Call or Email ECI Lighting for more information on Sylvania Lamps.

Sylvania Lamp Range from ECI Lighting

Sylvania T8 T5 T9 LynxQ Fluorescent Lamps
Sylvania CFL Lamps Range
Sylvania CFL Lamps Range
Sylvania RefLED GU10 Lamps
Sylvania Speciality Lamps
ECI Lighting Lamp Catalogue

Download the ECI Lighting
2017 Lamp Catalogue

to View Our Full Sylvania Lamp Range

Call 00353 1860 1860 or Email: for more information on Sylvania Lamps